Autism Services



Autism Services

Riverside Family Support Autism Services supports families when they need it most.  They can provide and recommend appropriate resources that will improve the quality of life and stability within the home and community.
Our experienced case managers will help guide you through the necessary steps in securing the right services and programs that fit your family’s needs.

Riverside Family Support will provide services to anyone who is supporting an individual with Autism, regardless of background.

  • Personalized Case Management
    • We will provide personalized case management to both individuals who are found eligible through DDS and to those who may still be in the process of becoming eligible.  This can include navigation through applications for, but not limited to, DDS, MassHealth, SSI/SSDI, employment assistance, etc. We have resources and materials available to anyone who requests them.  Each case is individual, and we will provide only essential information for each person. 
  • Social Activities
    • We have social groups for young adults on the spectrum.  This includes a bowling group in Acton, a sports-based Friday night hang out in Concord, as well as monthly group events with other Family Support Centers throughout the Northeast Region.  Those events can be found HERE 
  • Parent Support Groups
    • Riverside can provide a space for parents to sit down and talk with other parents about what they are going through and the challenges they may face.  We also can provide other times and locations through other Family Support Centers.
  • Training and Education
    • Riverside runs parent workshops often to assist with understanding of public benefits, IEPs, housing assistance, and much more. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Katie Davis, Assistant Director/Autism Specialist at 781-801-5683.